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Teaching Young Children Coding, Robotics Further By New Toy

The growth in toys designed to teach coding and other IT related skills is moving exponentially and at a world-wide basis.
One of the latest such toy-tool is Cubetto, the award winning, Montessori-approved coding toy for children ages 3 and up.
Cubetto is the only screen-less programming system, powered by a revolutionary coding language made of colorful blocks that lets children write their first computer programs.

Higher Mandated Labor Costs Next Food Industry Challenge

As more and more consumers purchase prepared food rather than cook at home, the currently attractive margins for such offerings face mounting challenges.  Not the least are labor costs, which are under pressure from economic and regulatory trends.  Integrating higher labor costs into the pricing algorithm represents the next major challenge for food sector leaders.

Whether a neighborhood deli, central food kitchen, gourmet restaurant, or fast casual franchise the need to find ways of doing more with the same or fewer employees is expected to become more important in 2017.

Optimizing and Managing Resources – A Small Business Challenge

All businesses look similar at the highest level of function and operations. Whether a $25 million or $500 million company, the same basic blueprint of business functions – sales, marketing, operations, customer service, IT, finance and HR – are required.

Intranet Systems Need Thought To Make Them Most Productive

Many small businesses have intranet systems but not all have the right tools in place to make them efficient.

Chris Pyle, CEO of MessageOps offers these tips to build and use an effective intranet.

Managed Service Providers Prefer Cloud Based Backup Solutions for Customers

Small businesses increasingly are opting to outsource more of their IT operations because they either don’t have the resources to handle programing and other such functions, or they simply want to focus more on other initiatives.

According to Derek Schauland a business analyst for Cloudberry Labs, “although many small businesses began outsourcing when the economy took a nosedive in 2008, now that the economy is growing once again, Small businesses are still taking a “do more with less” approach to IT.“

Transforming SMBs Through Technology: Four Key Trends to Watch

Small-business owners have had to learn pretty quickly when it comes to provisioning, deploying, maintaining and optimizing new technologies.


Corporate Leaders Say Robotics Offers Job Opportunities For Young People

American business leaders have identified robotics as a major source of jobs for the nation’s youth with many openings currently unfilled.

In a poll of 200 senior corporate executives on what industrial sectors they thought the most jobs would be created for our nation’s youth during the rest of the decade 81% mentioned robotics as a top five area.

The poll was conducted for the National Robotics Education Foundation (NREF) by Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI) in April-July, 2015.

Small Business Owners Face Choices On Cyber Security

In the name of improving chances of catching fraud or cyber threats small business leaders must sometimes opt for some customer inconvenience.

The majority of small business leadersare concerned about breaches to their Internet and electronic security, according to the August 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard optimism survey.

Millennials Want A Pat On The Back More Then Just Reward Programs

What makes Millennials happy isn’t just rewards.

Key findings from a survey suggest recognition, affirmation are key elements in positive ereinforcement.

New employee research from Blackhawk Engagement Solutions reveals that current employee rewards and recognition programs—a key component in growing employee happiness—are not aligned with what makes Millennial employees happy and more productive.

Small Business Leaders Say What Tech Solutions They Favor

Small business owners recognized the technology they find most helpful in SurePayroll’s second annual favorite tech tools survey, part of the company’s July 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard.