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Why Document Management Software Prevents Burnout in the Workforce

The days of the blue-collar American ethic have been replaced with idealism steeped in economic materialism, whether for better or worse.
According to Jesse Wood, CEO ofthe fewer the number of obstacles in pursuit of “The American Dream,” the better.
He ads the trick is finding the shortcuts in as many ways as possible, and combining them into an actionable strategy that will render our ideals reality.

Minimizing Dress Code Problems At Work

Many employees instinctively start dressing for the heat without always considering what might be too hot (or informal) for their workplace.
No matter what the season, the challenge  for owners, company leaders and managers is to effectively prepare for and respond to dress-related employee issues, questions and complaints.

7 Ways To Become A People Person, Better Manager

In the words of a legendary fairy tale, maybe you're Grumpy, maybe you're Bashful, or maybe you're just not all that Happy.

No big deal, because you're terrifically Talented, and everyone knows it, right?

4 Ways to Successfully Schedule Employees. Save Money

Every day small business owners encounter a variety of situations that require individualized expertise – dealing with the day-to-day, planning and meeting long-term business goals, managing employees, staying on top of inventory, and so much more.  

At times, the list may seem endless.  That’s why successful time management is essential to navigating these tasks. 

It’s also a key component of effectively managing staff.  And small businesses that work to improve their time management habits may see improved productivity and efficiency.

Even Smallest Retirement Plan Errors Can Severely Cripple Small Businesses

The U.S. Department of Labor this August significantly increased its penalties for retirement plan sponsors who get caught making compliance errors before they correct them on their own. What previously might have only been a fine of a few hundred dollars through the DOL’s Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program can instead result in penalties high enough to force a small business to shutter its doors. 

How To Establish Employee Trust In The Office

Establishing employee trust in the office is key to any successful organization. It’s a simple but imperative fact that is often neglected by many companies. Trust allows your team to move fast, maintain structure, and innovate like never before.

Top 5 Bias Busters According to Specialists

Unconscious bias occurs automatically and is usually triggered by one’s brain making quick judgments or assessments of people and situations. These judgements are generally influenced by backgrounds, personal experiences and cultural environment. By triggering an automatic response, everything that is seen and heard is quickly interpreted which assess people to function in a fast-paced world.

Five Tips To Reducing The Risk Of Litigation

Litigation can have a devastating effect on a company’s productivity and profitability. 

Between attorney and expert witness fees, as well as court costs, even simple disputes can quickly cost a staggering amount of money.  Aside from the financial costs, litigation is extremely time consuming for company leaders and employees, draining time and energy away from remunerative business activities.  Taking time to meet with company lawyers to explain the facts leading to a dispute, evaluate options and plan litigation strategy is only the beginning. 

Smart Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Staffing

Being an entrepreneur is exciting – from the thrill of creating your own product or service to building your business your way without having to answer to someone else.  You call the shots and you use your expertise the way you see fit.

This is such a popular path that according to the US Small Business Administration there are over 28 million small businesses in America and they employ 55 percent of U.S. workers and have continued to create two-thirds of the new jobs in America for nearly half a century.

New Overtime Rules, Other Change Heavily Inpacting Small Businesses

Expected to have serious impact on salaries and wages, the U.S. Labor Department has disclosed the details of its final revised regulations defining the executive, administrative, professional, "outside salesman", and derivative exemptions under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act's Section 13(a)(1).

The highlights include these: