5 Tipe For Small Busineses With Teams Working At Home

From security issues to regulatory requirements, having small business teams work from home opens up new risks for the organization.
Catherine (Kitty) Parry, founder & CEO of DeepView, an enterprise cybersecurity software solution using AI to alert photo and video data leaks reviews these risks and provides options for the solutions.

  • Make sure you are archiving chat: If your teams use chat systems such as WhatsApp, and similar to communicate, make sure a system is put in place to archive these changes.
  • Regulation: Regulated organizations are required to archive and monitor all professional communications. For example, financial service firms regulated under FINRA's Regulatory Notice 17-18, firms are required to archive communications*
  • Solution: Archiving software that plugs into the back end of a chat system works well here, ones that require user authorization are critical to ensure you are meeting privacy and personal rights. One example is DeepView's ChatGuard2. Manage data leakage:
  • Manage data leakage: Working from home can mean more social media use. Photos and videos contain a massive amount of information for social engineers and hackers. Renowned social hacker, Rachel Tobac, is able to extract 60% of the information she needs to hack a company via public photos and videos. See a short video here,
  • Regulation: Data leakage requirements fall under the SEC and many other US regulators. One regulation, for example, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (US) 1999, has a Safeguards Rule. This requires written information on a security plan describing how the company plans to protect nonpersonal public information – including software in place to protect data security.
  • Solution: There are software solutions that have algorithms built to detect passwords on post-it notes, computer screens and so on. Solutions that review, not only text but also public photos and videos is critical. DeepView's ImageGuard is a superb product for this – it provides real-time alerts to potential security risk posts. It reviews public text, photos and videos that are tagged to your company, to enable companies to remove the posts that pose a risk and leak confidential data.
  • Make sure solutions work for corporate and personnel devices: It's no longer realistic to believe staff will only use corporate devices for work. Whether it's to build a new relationship or quickly send a message. When your team is working from home, it's far too easy to jump onto personal devices. All of DeepView's solutions are built to work on personal devices while respecting privacy. It meets the privacy requirement's as users are able to select which chats are work.
  • Simple and fast set up: Chat recording can be set up in 120 seconds once the email has gone out to individual teams.
  • Choose solutions that understand global regulation: many solutions are built for the US market; however, teams are often global. It's therefore far simpler and time-efficient to review and consider solutions that meet global regulation