2022 Marketing Trends Examined

The marketing world will see some significant changes

Marketing expert Tim Parkin offers some  Marketing Predictions for 2022, and how marketers and companies can prepare.

"Video will become the cornerstone of marketing campaigns thanks to streaming TV and social media platforms. Both groups of platforms will develop new advertising products that will give marketers additional opportunities to leverage video in new ways. We will also see video takeover retail as the in-person shopping experience gets an upgrade to engage customers in new ways and drive additional revenue." he says..

Marketing organizations will transform into production studios as video becomes a cornerstone of all marketing campaigns, with distribution through streaming platforms, TV, and social media. The rising level of production quality required, coupled with the array of distribution channels and the agency overhead, will force organizations to develop more in-house capabilities.

There's going to be a war of data in 2022 with more privacy regulations globally and advertising platforms making even more adjustments to restrict capabilities. First-party data will no longer be optional—it will become essential for marketers to capture and utilize. More retailers will sell customer data to be used in advertising. Marketers will discover new ways to create a more meaningful customer experience as a result, but will also face criticism about how customer data is shared and used.

The sensitivity of marketing will be heightened, with campaigns being more attuned to diversity and inclusion. Additionally, the veracity of digital advertising—and the content it appears alongside—will be of upmost concern to prevent fallout and the fear of being canceled.

More major brands  will attempt to embrace NFTs, including virtual and augmented reality, but will fail to establish  the levels of adoption and interest necessary. Brands will abandon these projects upon realizing the lackluster response combined with the exorbitant investment required.

Events and experiential marketing will return in a major way. However, hybrid and virtual aspects of these events—including live streaming—will play a significant part of the marketing efforts."