Expensive Travel and Wasted Time Are Cut by Web-Based Video-Interview Program


A New York company has found a way to speed up the interview process, which in turn allows hiring managers to more quickly place qualified candidates in open positions.

Candid Capture, a Web-based program, gives recruiters the ability to remotely interview job candidates anywhere in the country. Recruiters provide questions to the applicants, who then record their answers and upload the videos for the recruiter to review.

“Businesses are able to reduce [hiring] time…and improve their process by evaluating candidates based on identical interview questions,” says Allison Madison, Candid Capture’s chief executive officer, “and candidates are able to apply for jobs they never would have been considered for because of the cost and inconvenience of traveling to interviews.”

Through the video interviewing service, recruiters can create a candidate profile that includes resumes, reference letters and work samples, in addition to the videotaped interview, which allows prospective employers to get a full picture of the person they are considering for hire.

The program also gives hiring managers the opportunity to review information contained in the candidate profiles, no matter the day or time. After reviewing details about an applicant, clients can record comments in the designated screen area to provide the recruiter with their immediate reactions.

Along with eliminating travel time, candidates can also benefit from the service simply because the pressure of a face-to-face interview is gone.

“Often highly qualified, competent people make blundering misstatements out of nervousness,” Madison says. “When using Candid Capture, if a candidate stumbles, all he or she needs to do is click 'stop' and 'delete' and start again. This freedom allows the candidate to feel more at ease and...more likely to make a great first impression.”

Candid Capture also ensures that only the company that is slated to receive the candidate’s profile can review it. Clients, and their designated recruiters, are the only parties given administrative rights to a candidate’s contact information and records.

Staffing services, corporate recruiters and even small-business owners can use the program, which was developed by Madison eight years after her own mother established a staffing company in 1988.

Through her work at the staffing company, Madison found that lengthy hiring processes were costly for companies and frustrating for applicants. After reviewing the process, she says, she determined that the preliminary interview was something that took a great deal of time and effort to schedule and arrange, but yet had very little value in the process.

With remote video interviewing, says Madison, companies can still use the same preliminary evaluation, yet improve their hiring time, which saves money and gets people to work faster.