An Effective Business Card Can Add To Small business Image, Success

Many small business leaders fail to realize importance of an effective business card in the marketing effort.

A business card may be the first visual connection a prospect has to judge a business.  The card will either promote or deflatea professional image.  Business owners can’t afford to get this wrong.  People judge a business and the value it offers by first glance and the image of a business card quicklyshowcases the level of success and professionalism a business has.

According to business and marketing strategist Debbie Allen, a great place to start improving ones business image is to take a close look at the business card. Compare the card with the top 10 business card mistakes, and take the ‘Business Card Improvement Quiz’™ to see how it ranks.

How to Rank a Business Card:


Answer these 16 questions below.  Simply answer YES to all that apply and count all your YES responses to score the card. 

  1. Does it present a positive, interesting and professional image overall?
  2. Does it feature an updated, professional designed logo?
  3. Does the logo represent a professional business image?
  4. Does it have a USP or marketing message that best describes the business?
  5. Is the font and text size easy to read at a glance?
  6. Does it offer a call to action to get prospects to the business website?
  7. Does it extend a free gift offer to get prospects to the website?
  8. Are all of the marketing materials consistent with the business card image?
  9. Is the website featured in bold text to stand out on the card?
  10. Does the business card appear to be up to date?
  11. Is the back of the card utilized for additional marketing information?
  12. Does it feature a tagline that best describes the expertise of the cardholder?
  13. Does it feature a photo and/or make a strong personal connection?
  14. Does it make a good visual connection with the viewer instantly?
  15. Does it interest the viewer to want to learn more about the services provided?
  16. Is the branding consistent on the card the same as it is on the business website and social media sites?

Count all of the YES responses and see how the card ranks below:

16 - 13 YES = A professional business card that will help turn more prospects into buyers. 

12 - 9 YES = A business card that needs some work.  The card should be redesigned to stand out with a more professional and consistent image.

8 or Less YES = This business card is killing the business image and costing the business in lost sales.  Completely re-evaluated and redesigned the card to instantly improve business opportunities.

Debbie Allenis the author of THE HIGHLY PAID EXPERT: Turn Your Passion, Skills, and Talents Into a Lucrative Career by Becoming the Go-To Authority in Your Industry.