Companies Diving Into Social Media Every Day Should Plan Before Acting

Traditional media such as TV, radio, and print are on the downslide and social media is the rapidly becoming the marketing vehicle of choice.

While it may be true that the way to market a business in 2013 is through social channels, business leaders need to make sure they aren’t buying into the hype instead of what’s going to work for their business and industry.

It’s easy to setup a Facebook page. A couple clicks are all a business owner needs to do and they are ready to start posting.

But according to BlueFinn Creative Group, as in all areas of business, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Small business leaders need to first understand their own business marketing goals and objectives. In order to make their strategies more effective, understanding the kind of content that their own organization can create is extremely beneficial. One important aspect for them to understand is that quality and quantity are both necessary.

BlueFinn argues while most of American consumers gravitate towards Facebook, business owners and marketers must evaluate if that’s where their focus needs to be.

Other social platforms may engage an audience better.  While some customers need to be focused on the social platforms involving the general public, others need a more specific audience.

Any small businesses can produce all kinds of content from text, images, and video to even slideshows that inform and entertain.

BlueFinn believes smaller enterprises must take an inventory of the kinds of content that can be produced by their own employees. Using resources already available is already an option.

In its experience, BlueFinn finds many smaller companies may be surprised that the transition to produce content doesn't happen overnight, but overtime, employees like having their own thoughts and opinions heard.

BlueFinn believes companies must use a social media platform that is beneficial to their organization; not just one that’s easy to post on.

BlueFinn says small businesses will be pleasantly surprised by the results that social media can offer but they need to learn to be consistent as well as providing quality content. Customers continue to show approval to businesses that take time to plan and focus on meaningful interactions.