Cloud Solutions Offer Benefits To Small Business Enterprises

The major advantage cloud solutions have is the ability to simplify complex security processes and to be deployed outside the company’s IT environment.

According to Dariel Leboeuf, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for TraceSecurity, “in general, small businesses can expect many benefits from cloud solutions."

Leboeuf cites these major benefits.

  • Keeps customer costs and impact on staff to a minimum
  • Provides for web-based access from anywhere
  • Facilitates quick implementation

With small businesses’ requirements and best interests in mind, cloud-based solutions deliver many benefits for this target market. 

With an on-premise solution, small businesses first have to get infrastructure systems (such as appliance) up and running before they can start doing anything.  This process can take weeks.

Often times, physical rack space for on-premise infrastructure can be a problem, or will become a problem as more appliances are added. 

Additional appliances and operating systems also require maintenance and labor, as well as additional power and energy to keep things running. 

When working with cloud solutions, the opportunities for services and cost savings are limitless for small businesses, as compared to physical solutions.

A significant advantage cloud solutions and applications have for small businesses are in deployment. 

As is the case with TraceSecurity’s service, cloud solutions can begin to be deployed the instant a small business signs up and gets its account. 

As a specific example, with TraceSecurity, all that’s required is to add users into the system, select the authorities that the organization must comply with, and optionally setup the vulnerability scanner.  Once that is complete the user can begin benefiting from the service.

Further reducing costs, small businesses don’t incur the expense of hardware and third party software, and when the business grows the user doesn’t have to upgrade infrastructure to support their needs, further reducing the ongoing support effort and costs. 

Also small businesses can pay for only what’s used (pay as you go) with cloud solutions, and purchasing additional resources as business requirements change is nearly instantaneous, with the benefit of easy and instant scalability. 

Along with cost savings, a significant business advantage cloud solutions deliver is the ability for small businesses to be extremely agile and responsive to changing demands.  With a cloud service, small businesses also benefit because the solutions can be updated over the cloud instantly, without having to wait for timed software and hardware releases.