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Why Ignorance, Ineptitude, and Even Disasters Are No Excuse for Failure

If you’re a business owner, the vast majority of the problems that you face could have been prevented. A business is a complex human system that you oversee — and you are the answer to the “why” and “how” of problem development.

Before Cbanging The Workplace, Identify How It Will Affect Employees

Rethinking the way their physical space empowers employees to work together and manage multiple projects while maintaining creativity is now a common aim whatever the company size..

Real Estate Purchase, Lease Difficult Choice For Small Businesses

To buy or lease? It’s one of the toughest decisions small business owners can make. And like so many business decisions, there are pros and cons to either choice which can have a huge impact on the profitability of the business.

The Present -- and Future -- of Cybersecurity

It seems no one is safe these days from cybercrime.
According to Paul Love, Chief Information Security Officer for CO-OP Financial Services, cybersecurity is also on everyone’s mind.
Recent events have seen cybercrimes that impact millions, even when the target is a medium-sized company.
Adds Love, “who is safe, and what needs to be done to protect a company’s critical data?”

Fullfillment Issues Can Sink A Small Business

While it is true that countless retailers never accrue enough sales and fail within the first year, others do succeed.
But when demand picks up, it’s often difficult for sellers to keep up with the pace.
Once thirty orders start coming in each day, retailers suddenly start struggling to keep track of their inventory, ship out their products on time, and manage returns.
With lags in fulfillment, customers who are frustrated that their orders are delayed, wrong, or missing start to complain, often on social media.

Google Indexing Needs To Be Addressed By Small Businesses

Googling is not searching the web but rather an index created by that company.
For a business owner, especially one that counts on the internet for their business this small nuance is important to keep in mind.
Especially, now that Google is switching to a mobile first index.

5 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring a Web Designer

The web designer ultimately chosen will play a critical role in the digital success of any small business.
Critically important is the need to be able to ask the right questions and identify obvious red flags during the interview process.
Recognizing and avoiding red flags can be the key to protecting yourself against a bad business deal.
When it comes to hiring a web designer or digital agency, there are a few bright-red flags that you should never ignore.

6 Tips to Get Small Business Employees to Love the Cloud

When it comes to implementing new technologies like the cloud, a key ingredient for success is employee adoption. Without having everyone on board, you risk losing out on the many potential benefits afforded by cloud computing, which can be critical to your company’s ability to staying competitive in the market.

Ransomware Attacks Can Prove Fatal To Small Businesses

Small businesses can be fatally hurt by a successful ransomware attack.

A ransomware attack attempts to extort payments from businesses in exchange for information held hostage on their computer.

Payment Fraud is on the Rise – Prepare Your Small Business

The credit card landscape is changing, but it’s not always for the better.
Since 2015, the US has become accustomed to the shift to chip cards, and while it’s reduced in-person credit card fraud, it’s actually led to an increase in fraudulent online charges. In 2016, there was about $24.71 billion in reported credit card losses worldwide, with 47 percent coming from the US alone.