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Our editorial efforts are predicated on providing information of value to readers.

Almost three out of five of our readers are presidents and/or owners facing multiple challenges every day. Therefore, articles should focus on a problem or opportunity of interest to our readers.

To better accomplish this goal, we have developed a methodology for editorial submission which we think is easier for all parties.

While we will accept fully realized articles, since we re-write to our style, it is perhaps easier for the submissions provided being in paragraphs, quotes, bullet points, charts which we can build around. The choice is up to the provider.

Since we believe our articles should be based on what others who are experts or practicing in their field, we always include the author in our stories along with a link to his or her website. You can include an email as well, but remember there are “phisers” out there.

Please avoid too blatant a pitch for the author’s services or product. The emphasis should be placed on solving the challenges and/or identifying opportunities.

Articles should be vendor neutral and offer readers solutions to their everyday situations.

Ideally, the articles should identify a problem, situation, opportunities and then offer solutions, strategies, concepts that will increase profits or make it easier to perform readers’ functional duties.

Submissions should use simple declarative sentences and avoid the use of you’s, your’s, I’s and we’s except in utilization of quotes. Submissions utilizing this format will be automatically rejected.

In the case of authors, the preferred style is to start off with a declarative paragraph(s) stating the problem or situation to be addressed. Please, no articles starting with a posed question. Not our style.

The second or third paragraph should start with the author’s name and a qualifying title or expertise and a short descriptor as to how to address the issue stated in the first paragraph. From here on the submission is open to all types of approaches.

Bullet lists, examples, and quotes should fill out the body of the submission.

Clear, concise, short paragraphs with simple sentences are preferred. Remember, the articles will appear online and shorter paragraphs lead to an easier read.

Length should not exceed 500 words if possible.

Please refer to www.2sbdigest.comor www.managingyourhr.comfor examples to follow. Please include a low resolution head shot if available.

We reserve the right to final edit.

Given the volume of submissions and our limited staff, we appreciate follow-up as stories do get lost in the cracks. Our newsletters appear both weekly and monthly and we are on continuous deadline.

When we agree to an article, we usually set a submission date.

However, articles do get held up and sometimes the provider can’t make a promised date, simply let us know.  We are all in this together.

Note: Articles for our ezine, Small Business Digest should not exceed 450 words. A copy of the ezine may be downloaded on any device at



Here is what one guest said about appearing on our program:

Please thank Don for inviting me and tell him that he hosts a great, informative radio show for small businesses.  I enjoyed presenting my material, answering his questions and would return anytime,”Mike D'Avolio, Senior Tax Analyst with Intuit’s Professional Tax Group.

To be a guest on Small Business Digest radio, email Tell us about your product, service, or book. We review all requests and will reply as soon as possible.

Show Objectives:

Small Business Digest radio aims to help its audience, made up of small business leaders better manage their enterprises and increase profits.  Guests are chosen based on their expertise, product offerings, or experiences. Most guests have a book, product, service, or life experience which we think will benefit audience members.


Our program is done live at 8:00PM NIGHT EASTERN time every Wednesday.

Usually, we ask each guest to appear in one of our three 20 time blocks. When you call in you will either hear the show countdown or the show itself. Your phone will be muted until the moderator introduces you, at which point you will go live.

We ask guests to call in five minutes before at 7:55pm, 8:15pm or 8:30pm.

Your time is set prior to the broadcast, usually a day or two before.

The call in number is 646-929-2337 and control room number for emergencies is 201-941-2252 (If possible, please call in on a land line for better quality.)


The moderator, usually Don Mazzella, starts off almost all guest appearances by asking about their personal journey to their present situation.

The next questions are designed to identify some aspect of managing a small business and how the guest’s expertise or experience addresses this issue. At all times we seek to elicit information that will help audience members achieve their goals, personally and professionally.

The questions are designed to also give guests the opportunity to talk about their product, service or book.

The approach is conversational in style and somewhat free form. We suggest guest answer these questions concisely, but also fully. Radio is the media of the ear and long answers can lose the audience. Also, highly detailed answers often become self-defeating in terms of imparting information. Don Mazzella will insure guests have a chance to give their website and email information.

Before The Broadcast:

Prior to the broadcast we would like to have a bio of the guest and a very low resolution jpeg photo to publish on the site.

Please also confirm your appearance the Monday before the show date via email to Problems up to an hour before broadcast show can be directed to his phone, 201-242-0600.