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Inflation increases The Hidden Costs Of Small Businesses

Inflation exaggerates the hidden costs which can affect a small businesses’ performance and longevity.
Even if any small business employs a financial savant on its team, there are a number of. hidden costs that can rapidly become apparent and made all the more cumbersome during times of economic inflation, as witnessed with the US’s economy throughout 2021.

5 Steps To Ease Hiring An Independent Contractor

An independent contractor can change the way any business operates for the better.

Steel Cutting Company Uses PEO To Ease Growth

Retaining talent in the steel coil processing business is not easy.
Cutting steel is a dangerous job, and as for Andes Coil Processors keeping the best people on board can be even more challenging.
As a fast-growing business doubling in size in three years, the HR needs of General Manager Angie Nocktonick was  constantly changing. 

Small Business Leaders Seek Americans With Disabilities Act Rules

Small business leaders need to know what are their fundamental obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How Small Businessses Can Use New Tax Law To Their Advantage

As small business leaders consider more efficient tax-prep process, 2018 will be even more complicated because of the new tax act that was introduced by the government.
What is important is that the new act is generally viewed as a win for small businesses.

Real Time Technology Means Today’s Training Differs From Yesterday’s

Today’s fast paced world needs massive amounts of training ‘’in the moment,’’ particularly in the digital world.
Many company learning and development departments have started responding with the needs of immediate learning by creating small amounts of learning, called micro learning. 
According to Pierce Ivory, Marketing Director of Advance Systems, this approach is critical for ‘’just in time’’ training. For many companies this is standard operational procedure.

Employees Are Critical To Long Term Small Business Success

Training functions own arguably one of the most important roles in business – getting the best from their people. In business terms, the chief learning officers leads the ‘end-to-end’ people processes, yet, still this group can be hard-pressed for their functions to be regarded as a ‘business essential’.

Five Reasons Small Business Leaders May Not Be As Influential As They Think

A company title does not determine the level of employee influence/
Author and small business leader Stacey Hanke of Stacey Hanke Inc. knows from which she speaks.
She adds, “You can imagine how many times I hear the following misconceptions.

Where Bad Hires Hurt Your Business the Most

The true cost of a bad hire affects two major areas of any business: cash flow and productivity.
To help combat this problem, Adam Robinson co-founded Hireology.
According to Robinson either can have a very negative effect on long-term growth.