Childhood Jam Making Leads To Home-Based Business

Childhood jam maker turned her hobby into a successful organic, non-GMO food business from her home.

California native Marilyn Johnson is the founder of Spread the Love Jams & Jellies, an in demand fruit spread company.

The jams are made in a home kitchen and the flavors range from classic strawberry and blackberry to exotic flavors such as cranberry habanero, apricot pineapple, pear ginger, pomegranate, and tayberry.

Made with only three ingredients, Spread the Love Jams & Jellies products are organic and non-GMO. All of the fruits used in the product are purchased from organic farmers or harvested by Marilyn.

The owner adds, “My goal is to spread love, not toxins.”

Marilyn has been crafting jams since she was a child.

She and her mom would make jams with wild blackberries from their California farm.

Johnson believes the Love Jams & Jellies transfers this feeling of nostalgia and her products are a perfect way for the owner to combine her love of cooking, crafting, and jam.

To maintain this feeling, a great deal of time and care goes into Marilyn’s jam making process.

Johnson will drive 30 miles to the farm

Once she is home with a truck full of fresh fruits, she cleans everything herself,

“I am currently a one woman show.” Marilyn adds.

Once the fruits are cleaned, she cooks them and sterilizes the jars and lids in the meantime. Once everything is jarred and cooled, she delivers the products to her customers who commonly refer to her as, “The jam lady.”

Marilyn says Spread the Love Jams & Jellies is different for one knows where the jams are coming from and can put a face to the product.

This notion transfers through the feedback she receives from her customers.

Customers go beyond the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and use the jams in everything from thumbprint cookies, glazes for fish tacos, meringue cups, scones, and even for turkey or ham glazes on holidays.

Marilyn’s customers have found many uses for her jams and the hottest selling flavor is the cranberry habanero as the blackberry jams’ nostalgic properties stay true to Marilyn’s heart-- serving as her favorite.

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