RECALCULATING, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth, a best-selling book for small business leaders is now an exciting new radio show.  Co-hosted by two of America’s best-known commentators and small business experts, Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella.

Show guests are drawn from the large, rich talent pool of contributors to the book and the most acclaimed small business leaders and advisors. They offer exclusive actionable information audiences can immediately use to add profits. RECALCULATING” is in the forefront of the expanding national economy served by millions of small businesses.

The show airs on the internet and on iHeart and Roku TV. Hear it also on the following radio stations every Tuesday at 10am EDT and Friday at Noon EDT:

Radio Markets
Las Vegas, NV*            AM 1520     FM 99.5
Milwaukee, WI*             FM 90.3
Pittsburgh, PA              FM 94.7
Tampa, FL*                   AM 1630     FM 92.1
Lancaster, PA               AM 1640     FM 102.1
Boulder, CO                  FM 96.3
Long Beach, CA*         FM 101.5
Macon, GA                    AM 810     FM 87.9
Newport Richie FL       FM 88.3
Colorado Springs, CO FM 87.9
Jacksonville, Fla          FM 90.3