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    February 2017

Small Business Use Of Mobile Advertising Still Lagging, But Future Bright

Small businesses are slowly turning to mobile advertising which to date has largely been the domain of major corporate advertisers.

While the numbers are relatively small, they do point to the fact that mobile advertising can generate sales for smaller enterprises.

A survey by shows that only 14% of small business respondents had a standalone mobile site.

Of those that did have a mobile advertising effort; 84% said this channel contributed to sales.

Interestingly, 40% of the respondents said they did not have a website at all.

The top two motivators for adopting mobile services were better customer service and a improved method of attracting local clients.

This survey shows a dichotomous trend with the average sales footprint expanding to 75 miles from 50 miles just three years while at the same time the growth in efforts to attract local customers has taken off.

One interesting factoid from the survey is that 40% of respondents said they did not have a website.  This finding is also in line with other data which shows that while the Internet is ubiquitous to general commerce it is still not all encompassing, especially in the small business area. 

One exert said that this is a reflection of the fact that small business leaders are not pioneers when it comes to adopting new practices and procedures, particularly in the IT or high tech area.

For details about the survey click here

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