Food and Wine Insider

Growing The Profits Of America’s Food and Wine Companies

Food and Wine Insider is a weekly inside look at the 1.5 trillion dollar industry touching every American.

Devoted to the business of purveying food and decanting wines, Food and Wine Insider is a unique program highlighting not food recipes or wine vintages but how to make a profit in these competitive but financially rewarding sectors. Heard by more than a million listeners each month.

Food and Wine Insider host is Ann Daw, former President of the Specialty Food Association. Her co-host is Don Mazzella, veteran commentator and radio personality. On each show, they invite leaders of the world’s culinary and wine industries to share the secrets of their success.

The show airs on the internet and on iHeart and Roku TV. Hear it also on the following radio stations every Wednesday at 7am EDT and Saturday at 1pm EDT:

Radio Markets
Las Vegas, NV*               AM 1520     FM 99.5
Milwaukee, WI*               FM 90.3
Pittsburgh, PA                FM 94.7
Tampa, FL*                     AM 1630     FM 92.1
Lancaster, PA                 AM 1640     FM 102.1
Boulder, CO                    FM 96.3
Long Beach, CA*            FM 101.5
Macon, GA                      AM 810     FM 87.9
Newport Richie FL         FM 88.3
Colorado Springs, CO   FM 87.9
Jacksonville, Fla            FM 90.3